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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Writer's Workshop: Story Starter

I gave a little tutorial on overcoming writer's block over {{HERE}} on my main blog, all about using the Journalism rule of 6 W's. This is the story I have come up with so far...

Maura pulled the covers up around her just a bit more as the cold, night air seeped in from the old window. The voice in her dream was enough to stir her from a deep sleep. Maura wasn't even sure what it meant. As she struggled to come into full consciousness, she replayed what little she could remember. She was sipping a glass of lemonade, when the old woman appeared before her. The woman had long, white, scraggly hair and was wearing a simple, white cotton gown. She was beautiful except for the wild look in her eyes. "You need to leave, and you need to leave now," she forewarned. By this point, Maura was wide awake. Such an odd thing to say, she thought to herself.

Maura pulled herself up from her bed and headed to the kitchen to put on some tea. Sometimes all she needed was a little Chamomile to relax her back to sleep. As she reached into the cupboard for a mug, the voice behind her startled her. "Maura. You must go now."

Maura turned quickly, letting the mug slip from her hands and shatter against the hardwood floor beneath her. Her stomach began to crawl into the base of her throat as she saw no one there. She shuddered at the draft that blew through at that very moment. Maura suddenly felt uneasy. She was certain now that this wasn't a dream. Although she didn't understand the logic behind the demand, she sensed the urgency. Maura turned off the stove and knew that for whatever reason, she must do as the voice indicated and depart immediately.

Maura scrambled through the house filling two duffel bags as fast as she could with whatever she thought she might need. However, she knew that was a ludicrous concept, as she had no idea where she was going or how long she'd even be gone. Still, she continued to pack. Clothes, make-up, prescriptions, her passport, cell phone, charger, and any cash on hand were the items she checked off her mental list as she shoved them into her bags. Maura grabbed her laptop and her bags and quickly loaded her car.

As Maura pulled out of her driveway, she was grateful that for whatever reason she had decided to fill up her gas tank the night before rather than waiting until morning as she had usually done. Still not sure where she should drive, Maura headed south, leaving the Carson Valley behind her. Maura continued checking her rear-view mirror, unable to shake the feeling that she was avoiding something imminent, and that whatever it was, it was big.

Maura had almost reached the mountain turn-off to Glenbrook when she heard the explosion. She pulled off to what little side of the road there was and emerged from her car. Gazing at the city lights below, a stagnant smell filled the air.

COPYRIGHT 2011. Emma C Miller. Any reproduction of this story may not be made without express written consent of the author.


  1. Ooh, is it a ghost story? Is it a mystery? What exploded? Is someone trying to kill her?

  2. your public awaits the next installment

  3. oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH...i can't wait!!! {p.s. I don't think there is anything that you AREN'T good at..you are AAAMMAAAAZING!!}


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