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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Reflections

The sun wakes late. Flowers wilt; the grass is still.
Animals gather and store. The wind blows a chill.
Unpicked fruit whithers and dies; the ground begins a freezin'.
Birds commence their journey south, signifying the Fall season.

'Tis not death of spring these signs are showing.
For life is still within us growing.
Harvest time bestows upon us
the work of man; his sickles thrust.

Fall indicates the breath of life and of new birth.
Apples and pumpkins and colors of the earth.
A time of change; A time to pause.
A time to reflect the greater cause.

As maple trees give up their sap
and cold winds the earth entraps.
We snuggle closer; we yearn for warming.
Rekindling love and new ones forming.

For Fall, like the leaves, shows our hues
Of who we are and what we choose
to be and do and what we'll bestow
to others who need a friendly glow.

Fall represents transfiguration
of selfishness; obliteration.
A season of thanks, a season of giving.
A season of sharing, and a season of living.

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