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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Parable of the Frog

My Bloggy Friend, Ronnica (click here for blog) , posted an experience about her roommate finding a frog in their pool. She then equated it to her own spiritual journey. I told her what a cute Parable this would make. So, here is My Rendition of Ronnica's parable of a frog.

Mr. Frog was a curious frog. Day after day he would sit on his lily pad in the pond and wonder what life in the "outside world" was like. Mr. Frog could often hear splashing and laughter coming from the nearby pool. "Sounds like fun!" Mr. Frog thought.

One day as Mr. Frog was sitting on the lily pad he became truly bored, and the flies seemed anything but plentiful. Mr. Frog decided that was the day; the day he would jump from his pond in search of the fun and excitement over in the nearby pool.

Hop, hop. Hop, hop, hop. Not too much farther, Mr. Frog thought to himself. When Mr. Frog finally arrived at the bright blue shiny pool, he was amazed to see no one else there. Not a human in sight. Not even other frogs. Mr. Frog stood at the edge of the pool wondering what he should do next. Then his eyes beheld something glorious: A pool full of all kinds of bugs and insects skimming the water! Even better was that he had hopped upon this feast by himself; he wouldn't have to share with any other frogs! With that, Mr. Frog took the plunge.

What Mr. Frog didn't realize is that the chlorine in the pool was causing damage to his skin. The only thing on Mr. Frog's mind were all of those bugs just waiting to be swallowed!

Soon, however, a human girl spotted Mr. Frog near the edge of the pool and decided save him. She knelt down, scooped Mr. Frog out of the pool, and sat him down on a nearby pool chair. The poor little frog was in shock. He didn't move a muscle for several minutes. He had been removed from the water environment in which he was initially comfortable. There was food and water and recreation. But the human girl knew that he had a much better home in the pond only a few yards away.

The human girl knew that as long as Mr. Frog remained in the barely adequate home of the pool, he could never enjoy the long-lasting, nutrient-rich, bug-friendly natural waters that are his true home. He needed a little push to get there, as he certainly wasn't willing to start back on his own. After all, who wants to leave a place that you are enjoying for a promise of something grander?

Often times we find ourselves to be like Mr. Frog on our Celestial Journey. When we get caught up in the enjoyments of this world, the beauty and attraction of Heaven grows dimmer. At some points, Heaven doesn't even seem all that appealing, and certainly not as much fun. No doubt we are tempted by other luxuries or distractions. We may even think like Mr. Frog; that we are happy enough where we are, swimming around the pool eating the yummy flies.

Fortunately, we have a Father in Heaven who knows what is best for us, and like the Human Girl, will scoop us out of this world and remind us that our true home is somewhere much more grand, somewhere we truly belong. For the day when all of our sins will be removed and we see our Savior face-to-face how great will be our Joy. If this remains our focus, the cares around us and our earthly desires will begin to lose their grip.

Though our earthly ponds may sometimes have a little "scum" in it, or at times may appear depleted of yummy flies, may we remember our ultimate goal of returning to the place which our Father in Heaven has prepared for us. It is in this that we may find Joy in our Journey.

Copyright 2008. Emma C. Miller. Any reproduction of this work may not be made without express written consent of the author.


  1. Cute! I really liked it and am glad you went through with it.

  2. Once again, you amaze me. You are so talented:)

  3. It's been awhile since we've had a new story....just sayin':)


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